Fix Windows Update Troubleshooter Not Working in Windows 10

Have you ever wondered that why windows 10 get updates more frequently? well! the actual reason behind this Windows Update Troubleshooter error is, to get better the Microsoft company provide these updates in order to protect the windows from harmful and malicious attacks. During these updates, it will also update the drivers of hardware devices and enhances the security features of the system. Most of the times, these updates will automatically get installed on your device and rarely recommends to install or check for the updates manually. In that case, did you face any errors while installing updates on your device? If yes, then to help you in fixing these issues, Windows provided you with an automated fixing tool called Windows update troubleshooter, which diagnoses to resolve the errors that are stopping you to install the latest updates on your device. This windows update troubleshooter tool generally either fixes the errors or allows you to choose the fixes to apply.

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Fix Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter Not Working

There are so many issues with Windows 1o and if Windows Update Troubleshooter is not working then you can follow these steps to fix your problems.

  • Blue Screen: In case the troubleshooter is unable to fix this problem, you should use some manual methods to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error on a personal computer.
  • Bluetooth: Troubleshoots and fixes that a range of Bluetooth problems.
  • HomeGroup: Diagnoses and addresses issues sharing data files.
  • Recording Audio: Finds and addresses conditions which could be stopping you away.
  • Lookup and Indexing: Fixes distinct Windows Lookup issues.

Fix 1: By Uninstalling Antivirus Software from your Windows 10 device

Windows 10 already have the almighty Windows Defender, which is a built-in Firewall to protect it from any or all threats. So, Windows 10 users don’t need any Anti-Malware or Firewall Programs or any third party Antivirus programs to protect the system from Threats. But many users as a precaution, end up with installing Antivirus on their system. These Antivirus programs sometimes may clash with the Windows 10 and create various issues and also, in turn, lead to Windows Update troubleshooter.

If you are also facing the issue Windows 10 update not working, then the problem may be the Antivirus program which you have installed on your system, to get rid of this problem you need to uninstall those third party Antivirus software.

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After uninstalling the antivirus program make sure you restart your system, then check if the issue is gone or not. If not then Windows Update troubleshooter is another option you can go for.

Fix 2: Windows Troubleshooting

If uninstalling of some software didn’t work for you and you are still stuck at Windows 10 update not working, then you can try Trouble-shooter option which is there to help you troubleshoot Windows 10 update problems.

To use Windows Update troubleshooter, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open control panel on your Windows device.

Step 2: From the control panel search for troubleshooting.

Step 3: By clicking on troubleshooting option from control panel from it.

Windows Update fixit

Step 4: From there select on Fix Problems with Windows Update.

Step 5: After clicking on that Windows will come with a message like this:

Windows 10 Update not Working

Step 6: When this message is shown on your screen click on next button.

After clicking on the next button, Windows will automatically search for the issues which are creating a problem in updating your Windows and shows the error on your screen like this Windows update error 0x80070057, and ask you to fix it. Just click on Ok button to fix all these errors.

After the completion of the process, you can easily update your Windows. Hope this method will work for you, in another case you can use any other troubleshooting tool as per your comfort level.

Fix 3: By Restoring your System

If any other method didn’t work for you, then it can be the solution for you. System restores it the method by which you can roll back to a state from where you can easily restore your PC, their points are known as restore points. One point you have to remember that before restoring your device always take the back-up of all your important apps and data so that in any case your data is safe and secured.

To restore your device you have to follow the given process:

Step 1: Open Settings app on your device.

Step 2: From there select Update & Security option.

Step 3: Open Advanced option from the update Windows tab, which will show you advance options.

Windows Update Diagnostic

Step 4: Click on view History option, and go to that point where it shows the last successful installation of Windows on your device.

Windows Update Fixit tool

Step 5: Select this as a restore point for your device, and you can create restore point according to your wish too.

After that Windows will restore your PC to the last successful installed software version. After that, you can retry to install the updated version.

If all the above method didn’t work for you, and you try Windows Update troubleshooter, but still have issues then you can re-install the Windows operating system.

Tools for Windows Update Troubleshooter in Windows 10

To troubleshoot Windows 10 update problems or To get rid of issues related to Windows Update troubleshooter on your device these 5 Best tools for windows update troubleshooter will serve you in a great way.

Tool 1: Windows Update Fixit Tool

This tool is easily available anywhere, what you need to do is only download it on your Windows 10 device and run it that’s it. It will automatically start diagnosing your system and will repair the issues which it finds.

Windows update troubleshooter

If still, it shows some problem then run troubleshooting as an Administrator so that you can get rid of Windows update error 0x80070057!

Tool 2: FixWin

If you have a problem with the command prompt or not comfortable in running all those commands, then you have to try this tool. It provides a Simplified user interface by which you can perform all the repairs easily, among all the tools it is the most versatile tool.

Tool 3: In-place Upgrade

This tool requires the Windows 10 installation files, by using this file the In-place Upgrade tool repairs all the Update issues along with corrupted file issues. It can also reinstall the operating system if required.

Tool 4:  Windows Update Troubleshooter

This tool is the default one on the Windows 10 operating system. You can open this tool from the search bar by writing troubleshoot in the search area, then from the troubleshoot Window, select Fix Problems with Windows Update, then it will automatically repair update issue.

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Tool 5:  Deployment Image Service Management

This tool helps you in fixing Windows Update troubleshooter and files which got corrupted in the installation process. It is a command line utility tool, and commonly known as DISM.

By using any of the above-given tools, you can easily troubleshoot Windows 10 update problems.

That’s all, we have. Here we have explained all the methods which work for many users, but if they didn’t work for you, then the problem may be other on your device. If you have any questions, write to us.

Fix Windows Update Troubleshooter Not Working in Windows 10
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