Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

Windows, being a highly reliable brand, has always been the first choice of the users when it comes to the selection of a useful and easy to go operating system for their personal computers. Windows 10 is one of the most popular OS among the offices’ goers and college students. But, inactive icons of this OS can ruin your windows experience. Especially, it becomes quite stressful when the key button viz. start button of windows 10 fails to function, and you get an error which says windows 10 start button not working! To come up with the desired solution, you might have tried restarting your PC’s several times or may have checked all your hardware wires, but the problem continues! The recent up gradation of Windows 10 has irritated users across the globe. Here, will be discussing the errors like Windows 10 start button not working, windows 10 start menu critical error and windows 10 start button missing.

The errors in the efficient functioning of Windows 10 start menu has popped up in recent times. Users across the world have flooded the websites complaining about inoperability of start menu icon in Windows 10. Researchers claim it is an error caused during installation of windows update and sometimes due to the presence of a bug. The bug in your device may malfunction start menu icon or freeze the search bar. Though there hasn’t been any particular cause of the problem effects are widely and wildly seen.

Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

So, if you are looking for the solutions to fix the start menu issues in Windows 10, then you are the right place. Here, we bring you the best ways out to reactivate your start button without much delay and let us Fix Windows 10 Start Button Problems!

Note: Before taking any step ahead, you may create a system restore point first, to keep a backup in case of failed attempts!

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Method 1 – Restart the device

Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working

One of the simplest ways to Fix Start Menu Button not working in Windows is this. Restarting any device whether Android, Windows or an iOS can save you from slamming your mobile phones on the floor or standing in a queue at mobile centers. You just need to reboot your device, and you’ll be amazed to see the wonders! To open the shutdown windows screen, press Alt+F4.

Method 2: Fix the corrupted files

If you are sick of restarting your device again and again, then you need to fix your damaged files using Powershell. Just follow the given steps:

  • Right-click to open the background menu from Start Button.
  • Click on “command prompt (admin).”
  • Type “Powershell” and press enter.
  • Just copy this text into the taskbar and press enter: “Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”} “

After you press enter, the command shall run, and your start button will start functioning automatically.

Method 3: Say NO to Anti-virus programs

Worried from the error windows 10 start button not working? Well If you’ve got any antivirus apps or firewall installed on your mobile phones, immediately uninstall or disable them. It has been reported from few users that disabling or uninstalling them has auto fixed the start button issue. So, uninstall these apps and don’t forget to restart your device.

Method 4: Log out from your account:  To resolve start button issue, Microsoft suggests users sign out of their accounts. You just need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select sign-out. As soon as the problem gets solved, you can sign in the back.

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Method 4: By Running Windows Update

Step 1: Open Settings from the Start menu Search bar.

Step 2: In the Settings window, select Update & Security.

Step 3: Under Update status, Click on Check for updates.

Step 4: In case if there are any updates available, then windows will download them for you like shown in the below figure.

Method 5: By designing new local admin account

If you didn’t find a solution to Windows 10 start button not working yet, then Microsoft recommends you to create a new local administrator account. You just need to follow the given steps:

  • Click on start menu & select settings option to open the app.
  • Select Accounts option, following family and other users and finally other users.
  • Click on Add someone else to this PC.
  • Next, select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
  • Thereby, select add a user without a Microsoft account.
  • Enter username, password and click on Next and finish.

After, following above mentioned steps, simply convert your new account into an administrator account.

  • Go to other users from step 2 and select the account you created.
  • Select change account type option, choose administrator and enter ok to confirm.

This will surely help you to resolve start button error, and also it helps to deal with Cortana issues.

Method 6: Reset your Windows 10 device

If start button error still persists, the last thing before visiting customer care centre is to reset your Windows 10 device. This one can truly help you to fix windows 10 start menu critical error or windows 10 start button not working error!

Follow the below steps to Reset your Windows:

Step 1: Open the Settings app from the search bar.


Step 2: Then, Choose Update & Security Option from the Settings window.

windows settings

Step 3: Click on the Recovery Option from the left side of the window.

resolve faulty hardware corrupted page

Step 4: Now, Under the option Reset this PC, you need to select Get Started Option.

troubleshoot faulty hardware corrupted page windows 10

Step 5: Then you will be shown a message to choose an option. Simply Click on Remove everything option.

(Note: Save all your important data in a hard disk or pen drive before performing this step because you will lose all the apps and data by choosing this option).

Reset this PC

Step 6: You need to wait for few seconds to go to the next step.

Getting things ready

Step 7: A window like shown below will appear, then Choose Just remove my files.

Just remove my files

Step 8: After that, Click on the Reset Button in the Ready to reset this PC window.

Ready to reset this PC

Step 9: Now, Windows will install automatically which generally take few minutes to complete. so wait till it completes.

Installing windows

Step 10: After that, you must answer some basic questions.


Step 11: Accept terms and conditions by clicking on Accept Button.

accept terms and conditions

Step 12: Select the option “Use Express Settings” from the “Get Going Fast” window.

Use express settings

Step 13: Now, Windows will check for updates.

Checking for updates

Step 14: After that, you need to select Who owns this PC by choosing I Own it option.

fix windows stopcode errors

Step 15: In the Make it yours Window, Enter your windows login details to sign in to the system.

Microsoft account sign in

Step 16: Click on the option Skip this step.

faulty error corrupted page

Step 17: Lastly, the following window will appear, just click Next and after that windows will get started.

Resetting this PC

That’s all! I hope by Resetting your PC by following the above steps, your problem must be resolved. If you still see the problem to continue, then try remaining methods.



Method 7: File system scan

To check any corrupted files in your system, you should conduct a scan to find anything inappropriate or corrupted in the system.

For this, you have to launch a task manager. You can do it by:

  • At the top corner, you’ll find file option, Select File> Run new task. Click new task & a new dialog box shall appear.
  • Type CMD in creates new task box type. Before entering, you’ll observe a box entitled ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’ under the area you typed CMD.
  • Check this box and press enter.
  • In the new window, you will see a cursor flashing adjacent to c: \windows\system32>
  • Type the following command:sfc/scannow
  • Click enter.

Now, your device shall run a scan program to find out any inconsistencies in the system. Users may find this message on their system in case of any discrepancies being found-  “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them.”

To overcome such disagreements, you need to add this in the command line prompt:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Leave space after each word. Windows will again start a scan program to fix the errors in the system though it takes a bit long time to conclude. Mostly is all cases, this method qualifies to solve the problem of start menu button. But, if the problem still continues, you need to take other steps or visit a near customer care center.

Method 8: System Restore

Sometimes, restoring your system back helps in resolving various problems associated with the device malfunctioning. Therefore, one must conduct a system restore to fix the start menu issue.

To restore your system, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + X at the same time to open this menu. Now choose System from this menu.

Step 2: Now choose System Protection as shown in the below image.

Step 3: Next, click System restore button.

Step 4: Then Click on Next button in the Restore system files and settings window.

Step 5: Choose a restore point under date and time, when your system is working without any problems. After that, Click Next.

Step 6: Click on the Finish button after the restoring process gets complete.

Your system will be back to normal, once the restoration process along with rebooting of a device has taken place.

Method 9: Boot to safe mode

You can temporarily solve this issue by booting your device into safe mode and then immediately back to normal mode. To boot to safe mode:

  • Click start, power, restart while holding the shift key.
  • Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options >Startup settings and restart in the Windows Recovery Environment.
  • Press 5 or F5 for implementing safe mode with networking, after the device restarts.
  • Sign in to your account in safe mode. Later, reboot the PC to come back to normal mode.

We hope that above-mentioned hacks help you to resolve Windows 10 start menu issues without much delay and irritation. Don’t forget to write us the ways which helped you in solving start menu problems. We would come up with more windows problem-solving processes that would make your windows journey all the more entertaining and interesting! Till then stay tuned!

Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working
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