Windows 10 Calculator Not Working – How to Solve It?

If you are using Windows 10 for a long time, then you have noticed that your Windows 10 calculator is not working. Many Windows 10 users have long been reporting the issue with their calculator; some users say that they can not even launch other default programs like a text editor, calendar due to calculator issue.

In case of any emergency, you have to download 3rd party calculator app and install it. Microsoft has added pretty good Calculator app with Windows 10 with new features and UI. The new Calculator program has replaced the traditional Calculator app, but you can get classic Calculator in Windows 10 also by following these easy steps.

Sometimes the issue is the Calculator app won’t open or crashes once the program is launched. If you’re experiencing issues with the Calculator program in Windows 10, these solutions may help you fix the Calculator.

Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

We’ve got all used Windows 10 Calculator, it is a simple application that allows us to perform a fast calculation, so it is unusual to find that Calculator application is not working for many users. The current Windows update awakened the default calculator for me. The default option calculator is a wonderful piece of software.

windows 10 calculator not working

Specifically, some early testers have found that programs like Cortana, the beta Shop, and others either won’t launch in any way, or begin to launch but hang on the program’s splash screen.

Reset the Calculator app

  • Open Settings > System > Apps & features. If you have installed Windows 10 Creators Update (build 14997 or later), you need to navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps & features.

  • Find Calculator app > Select the Calculator app. You should now see the Advanced options link. Click Advanced options > open Storage usage > app reset page.

  • Click the Reset button > click the Reset button > reset the Calculator app.

All users signed into Windows 10 should have access to this shop and any installed programs. Only that is not always true. If any Windows Store program stops working, you have a couple of alternatives. It is possible to remove the program and reinstall it, re-register Windows apps or replace the program with something different. You can also reinstall Windows 10 Calculator.

Microsoft has updated its Calculator App with new Layout and new design. You need at least 1024 X 768 screen resolution for modern apps to work. Also, keep in mind that all new Windows 10 Apps will not work in a resolution less than 1024 X 768. So first check the screen resolution that you are using.

Right-click and select Display Settings > Display > Advanced display settings. Check the screen resolution. It should be at least 1024 X 768. Also, make sure the User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on the computer.

Thanks for reading our Windows guide.

Windows 10 Calculator Not Working – How to Solve It?
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