WhatsApp Web Login: How to Use Whatsapp Web on PC & Tablet

WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used messaging application designed for mobile devices and comes with several limitations in it. Initially, this mobile application was only designed to be used on a single device at a single time. But, now many changes were made within the messaging applications. Users who want the convenience of larger screen and comfort of typing on a physical keyboard can pair their WhatsApp with web edition by using it on PC, Laptop, and Tablets. Yes, this is true now WhatsApp is available on the web through Chrome Browser and in Tablet App. This translates that it is possible to access your account simultaneously on a tablet, phone, PC, and laptop without a hack.

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The WhatsApp on Webworks smoothly with Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows and iOS devices. Moreover, the users are required to have Chrome browse downloaded and installed on their PC and Tablet App on their respective tablets. The WhatsApp application which they are using on their Android, iOS, and Tablets must be the latest version. These are the limitations which users are required to fulfill before learning the steps to use WhatsApp web on PC and Tablets.

How to Use WhatsApp Web on PC and Tablets?

Step One

You need to carefully follow the instructions to use WhatsApp web on your PC and tablets as it is not easy and simple. Firstly you need to launch the Chrome browser on your PC and tablet as the WhatsApp Web only support the Chrome browser and not any other browser.

  • Now you need to type https://web.whatsapp.com on the address bar of the Chrome browser and hit enter. This is also an application for iOS devices too. The iOS users need to download and install Chrome browser on their device to make use of WhatsApp web on their Mac and iOS devices.
  • When the homepage of WhatsApp web opens you will find a QR code on the home page on the PC screen.
  • Now you need to install QR Code reader on your phone to read the QR code. Please note that if you are using the tablet then you need to request the desktop site from the Chrome settings.

Step Two

Now you need to go back to your device and launch the WhatsApp application on the device and from its settings menu you need to access the WhatsApp Web option. There are three dots on top of the application which you need to click to get the drop down menu from where you can access the WhatsApp Web option. Click on the “Whatsapp Web” option.

Step Three:

Upon clicking the WhatsApp Web option, you will find a QR code Reader on your phone automatically which you need to point on the QR code present on the PC screen so that the reader can read the code and automatically log you into the Whatsapp on the web.

Step Four:

The interface that will open on your PC and tablet would resemble the interface of Whatsapp on mobile. However, the desktop notifications are supported and hence you need o switch off it from the settings menu just for the privacy reasons if the PC is shared with others. You will see the three dots icon on the web version which will provide you with more menu options from the drop down menu. You can choose the Notification and deselect Desktop Alerts and Sounds.

How to Use WhatsApp Web on PC?

The new conversation on desktop is pretty different from the mobile version of WhatsApp. On mobile version you simply click on new message icon to select the contacts, but on web version you need to use the search option to find and start a new conversation with respective contacts and also filter the existing chats.

However, the interface of the conversation on Web resemble to that of phone and it also comprises the same emoticon, mic icons along with bottom text-entry field and paperclip icon at the top of the conversation interface. There is also the “more” option that enables the users to view the contact info of any contacts. Just like the phone versions, the messages get single, double and blue ticks as soon as the messages are sent and read by the contacts.

After you connect the mobile and desktop PC together you get the option to manage the logged in computers from your phone through “Option” menu. This option allows you to log out from all computers or you can also use it in WhatsApp on Web to log out from PC where you are using it currently. The WhatsApp on mobile will be logged in by default unless you specify a logout. But, if you logout once then again you have to go through the QR process again to login with the Web version on PC.

You don’t have to worry as all the messages between the browser and phone will be synched instantly.

How to Install WhatsApp Tablet App to Use WhatsApp on Tablet?

Step One: Download Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp

Launch the Google Play Store on your Android Tablet and download the Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp. Ensure to download and install the right app developed by GJC. Accept the application and download it on your Tablet and install it successfully.

Step Two: Open and Use Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp

Now you need to launch the Tablet Messenger for WhatsApp on your Android tablet and you will find the large QR Code along with the option saying “Use WhatsApp on Your Phone to Scan the Code”. So, launch the WhatsApp on your phone and click on WhatsApp Web from the drop down settings menu. The QR code reader will open and you need to scan the QR code from the tablet screen to pair the devices.

Step Three – Login on Tablet With your WhatsApp Account

Once you scan the QR code using your phone, both the device will pair and the WhatsApp Web will open on your Android tablet which you can use like you use the mobile version, but on larger screen of your tablet.

WhatsApp Web Login: How to Use Whatsapp Web on PC & Tablet
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