Solve Volume Icon Missing issue on Windows 10

Microsoft has added new Windows Graphic User Interface with the launch of Windows 10. With the graphical user interface, it is easy to relate to how your computer interacts with processing, and even change the preferences. This includes sound settings icons, taskbar and new start menu. If you have installed new Windows 10 update then after an update, you noticed that volume icon missing windows 10.

If you have ever encountered an issue with Volume control button, then this article can help you. The issue occurs when the behavior of system icon choice setting is greyed out. The more general approach to solve this issue is trying to find a solution in the Settings or by the Control Panel placing icons in the taskbar area. The volume icon in the taskbar lets you change the sound volume on Windows 10. But what if Volume icon missing from Taskbar in Windows? No need to worry.

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Solve Volume Icon Missing issue on Windows

Due to this problem, the user can not able to adjust the volume because the sound icon has disappeared? Many users encounter the no audio icon or volume icon missing from the taskbar after the Windows 10 update or the Windows 10 Anniversary/Creators Update. If you wish to quickly change the sound volume on your computer, the easiest way to do so is to use the Volume icon in the Taskbar. Unfortunately, users reported that Volume icon is missing on Windows 10, so let us see to solve it.

Volume Icon Missing issue

You may have found a situation where the Volume control button is missing from the taskbar. You may observe the volume icon is greyed out and you can not open it. In this guide, we’ll explain to you, the way to repair Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar in Windows 10 with three easy solutions.

Fix 1: Check if volume icon is enabled

Right-click on the blank area of taskbar > choose Settings.

Click Turn system icons on or off.

Make sure Volume is on.

Again Right-click on the blank area of taskbar > choose Settings.

Click Select which icons appear on the taskbar.

Make sure Volume is enabled.

Fix 2: Change the text size

Right-click on the blank area on your desktop > choose Display settings.

Move the slider to the right to set the text size to be 125% > click Apply.

Move the slider back to the left to set the text size 100%.

Close the window.

Fix 3: Restart explorer.exe/windows explorer

Open Task Manager > Run a new task and type explorer.exe > Enter.

That’s it.

Normally, your windows taskbar was split into four parts, and the default position is on the bottom of your display, extending from the left to the right. The following part is the typical taskbar. The taskbar can let you add tools like hyperlinks, address bars, Cortana among others. The system tray icons of the operating system applications such as sound programs, graphics acceleration programs, antivirus software and other applications which may be running in the background. There are icons which will always be displayed, while others are accessed by clicking on the arrow which points upwards. It is dependent on the preferences of your system tray.

Solve Volume Icon Missing issue on Windows 10
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