How To Set Parental Controls In Windows 7 | Time Restrictions, Game Restrictions, App Restrictions

This article helps you to set password controls easily for Windows 7. This includes Time restrictions, Game restrictions, and App restrictions. Parental control allows you to limit how much time your children spend on a computer and also control their activities on the computer.

If you attempt to do so employing a typical account, you are going to be nagged to enter an administrator password whenever you would like to do anything meaningful. You want to at all times make sure that every user has their account, and they’re assigned the best sort of account. Along with security and Parental Controls reasons, keeping separate accounts also make certain that each user may keep her or his documents separate, thereby reducing the chance of accidental deletion, etc.. If you wish to, you might have a single account on your computer which everyone could use.

Set Parental Controls In Windows 7

To be able to use a normal account, you first should create or convert one to an administrator account. After you’ve created a new account, you might want to bring a password or make different changes to the account’s settings. In the past lesson, you’ll learn how to establish a new user account.

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Click the user account you need to restrict. After successful login, it is going to show you all of the user accounts. Your new user account ought to be there, with your administrator one.

You’re able to control access to games, pick an age-rating level, select the varieties of content you need to block, and choose whether you wish to allow or block unrated or specific games. You are able also to control the kind of access you would like your children to have to games on the computers merely by clicking on games. To put it differently, you require physical access to the target device to install the spy program.

Click on any kid’s profile, and you will be given a choice to apply the advanced Family Safety settings. If you go for this option, you might want to then more detailed instructions. If you’re on the lookout for parental control alternatives for your PC, don’t forget to check up how to set Parental Controls in Windows here.

To use parental control we need two accounts with one being ADMIN and the other being a STANDARD account. Following are the steps with SCREENS for easy understanding.

Step 1: Go to Control panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User accounts

Now Select Parental Controls, and now your screen displays the available accounts. Now select the account which you want to set parental control.

Now check the box of Parental controls to “On, enforce the settings.”

First, you will have an option to allow the time limits for your child. You can set for how much time in a week your child can use the PC by this setting.

The White blocks show the allowed time limit it means your child can use the PC at this time and the blue color indicates he/she is blocked to access the PC at that time. That’s it! You are done with time restrictions.

We also can keep a control on games played by children. We have an option for completely dis-allowing children from playing games, but it’s not possible practically, but we definitely can keep control on the games played by them.

We also have an advanced option of blocking games which have a bad impact on children and the content which impacts children;  example Blood, violence, etc.

Note: Always block games with no rating.

We are done with control of games, and now we will see how to allow your child to use only specific programs.

The third option in the controls is to allow a child to use only some programs you can just check the boxes which are useful for him/her.

These are the steps how to set up parental controls in Windows 7. Hope this article helped you.

How To Set Parental Controls In Windows 7 | Time Restrictions, Game Restrictions, App Restrictions
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