Remove CRC SHA From Context Menu In Windows 10

Firstly, what is this 7-Zip software? it is one of the most popular compressed and decompresses program available for Windows and Linux computers just like WinRar, but it has some extra features and uses a different compression algorithm. CRC SHA is used for compression and decompression of popular file formats including BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, NTFS, FAT, and much more.

It has its file extension called 7ZIP that could be opened only by 7 Zip software. But if you have installed 7 Zip on your Windows 10 then you might have seen that one more feature which installed automatically called CRC-SHA along with 7Zip.

So In this article am going to address how to remove CRC SHA from the context menu in windows 10.

As we mentioned, SHA is one of the most secure Algorithms which is developed by the National Security Agency in the U.S to protect your Data. This algorithm will encrypt all your data. Now sometimes the data gets corrupted and in such conditions, we will need some algorithm. Now there are some tools, that you can use for CRC and SHA.

Remove CRC SHA in Windows 10

First, you have to calculate the CRC or SHA value of your code. You can use 7zip software for this process. The latest version of 7zip will automatically check the value for files and folders. But sometimes we don’t need this tool or we don’t want to encrypt data.

So in such cases, you can remove the option from the Windows 10 menu. You have to make some registry changes to make this happen. We are going to share how to remove this option from Windows 10.

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How to Find CRC SHA in Windows 10?

Step 1: Go to the Downloaded Folder of 7 Zip and right-click on the folder. Then you will find the entry of the CRC SHA.

Step 2: Point the mouse on the CRC-SHA, then a drop menu appears as shown in the below figure.


Remove CRC SHA From Context Menu

Users those are not interested in using these algorithms entry in the context menu, want to remove them completely.  Follow the Below instructions carefully to delete or Remove CRC SHA From Context menu in Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to the start search bar, type 7-Zip File Manager and press enter.

What is CRC SHA

Step 2: After finding it, open the file. Then the following window appears, now you need to choose the tools menu and select the Options button

Remove CRC SHA from Context Menu


Step 3: The Below Windows appears, Go to 7-Zip Tab and under the section Context menu items,  Uncheck the checkbox containing CRC SHA>. Then Click Apply and hit OK to save the changes made

crc sha context menu

In this way, you can remove CRC SHA from a context menu in windows 10.


If you are using your computer for personal or office use then you have to make sure you have proper security. Using this algorithm you can encrypt all files and folders.

Thanks for reading this article!! I hope this article will help you in resolving the issue! If you have any queries feel free to ask us. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section.

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