Fix Outlook data file cannot be accessed error (Solved)

As you know, Outlook surfaces various kinds of errors, which includes selected rule in alphanumeric form plus a message describing in quick regarding the problem. These problems may occur in Perspective while performing different types of activities. Among the typical actions that people often perform in View is Send/Obtain. Maybe you have received a mistake as shown below?

  • Outlook Error 0x8004010f
  • Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

If you’re not able to deliver outgoing email (but incoming email works fine) and you also get one message that says your ‘Outlook Data File Cannot Be Found’ after upgrading either Outlook or Windows it is a signal that the account is infected.

In a customer’s computer, this problem appeared during Send/Receive Progress in office 2013 Sending reported problem (0x8004010F): Outlook data file can not be accessed. The above problem might happen when the outlook profile is broken or after moving the Prospect.PST document to some other area on your own disk or even to another computer.

Error 0x8004010F may be the most often occurring mistake that consumer-run into while working together with MS Outlook. This error is also called as View 2016 error 0x8004010f. We send emails nearly every day, and while some consumers prefer using webmail, others use email clients. Among the most popular mail clients on Windows 10 is Outlook, but consumers reported Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed error message when using it.

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

Fix Outlook data file cannot be accessed error (Solved)

0x8004010F is one of the Microsoft Outlook error, that might arise due to some failure on Microsoft Office, dangerous system error, the clash of antivirus with all the software, or Windows Firewall settings. The total message says Reported error (0x8004010F) – ‘Outlook data file cannot be accessed. The occurrence of 0x8004010F mistake isn’t limited to one Windows version, so Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 101 XP and Vista might encounter it one day. If you participate in the group who can’t use Outlook because of the 0x8004010F problem, we’re likely to enable you to right now.

There are few options with which you are able to correct Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed 2010 error. If an error message is because of adjusting View position and upgrading Outlook versions then in order to fix this issue you ought to find the precise location of default Outlook data file and afterward generate a new Perspective report or transfer PST file to new location.

It happens when you try to sync with outlook, generally adhering to a knowledge transfer or other process that involves taking a preexisting.PST report into play without moving through the hoops of publishing the information into a new.PST shell. The solution is, in fact, simple, though it’s certainly not easy to discover. All you’ve got to accomplish to solve the issue is select the folder to deliver email to (Mailbox) for every email account. Beneath the Account Settings dialog box within Outlook, there is a Change Folder button close to the bottom. That is where the setting is changed.

Fix Outlook data file cannot be opened

  • Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Mail, and then choose Show Profiles in the Mail Setup.
  • Click on Outlook dialog box. Press on your Outlook profile and Click the Properties button.

  • Choose the Data Files which open ups the Account Settings.

  • Under Data Files, find the current data files.
  • Note down the location of the Outlook data files and save a copy and close it.
  • Once your data file is found, create a new MS Outlook profile.
  • Start > Control Panel > click Show Profile in Mail Setup
  • Click Add in in the General tab and enter your new MS Outlook profile name then click OK.

  • Now setup a new account by giving your name, email, and password.
  • Click next to configure the account, then press it.
  • Set profile as the default profile >
  • Select Always use this > press on Ok.

Fix 1

  • Some of the experts claim that Outlook error 0x8004010F may be triggered by the antivirus installed on the system.
  • You have to disable antivirus program and reboot PC.

Fix 2

  • The next thing that you can try is to modify the settings of Windows Firewall.
  • Click Start or Win key, type Firewall.cpl, and press Enter.
  • Select Windows Firewall > Find Turn Windows Firewall On or Off and click it. click OK to save settings.

Fix 3 – Run sfc/scannow

  • Open command prompt as admin and type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • Let the system perform the repair automatically.
  • Reboot the system.

Hope you have successfully solved Outlook data file cannot be accessed error in Windows 10. Also, check how to fix Outlook Sending Reported Error 0x8004010f. Comment below if you need any help.

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