How to Fix NVIDIA Installer failed issue Windows 10

NVIDIA Corporation (also referred to as n-VIDIA) is an American technology company based in SANTA Clara, California. NVIDIA designs Graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets, as well as a ystem on a chip units (SOCS) for the mobile computing and automotive market. Now these GPUs are very important for your Laptop or your PC but have you ever came across something like Fix NVIDIA Installer failed Issue? Well in this article we will be looking towards how to fix NVIDIA Installer failed Issue or NVIDIA installer failed windows 10 error.

****Note: To directly find the solution to fix the “nvidia installation failed” issue , use table of contents which will take you to the error fixing methods of nvidia installer immediately.

What is NVIDIA Installer failed issue in Windows 10

It is important to know that in addition to GPU manufacturing, NVIDIA also provides parallel processing (Parallel processing is the processing of program instructions by dividing them among multiple processors with the objective of running a program in less time.) Now you can see how important this NVIDIA is for you. And what if you come across something like NVIDIA installation cannot continue? You are stuck. Well in this post we will look towards Fix NVIDIA Installer failed Issue and also one more error which says NVIDIA graphics driver not compatible with this version of windows!

Now it is important to know what is a GPU??

GPU’s or Graphical processing unit, also referred as “Virtual Processing unit”, is a specialized Electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. GPUs are used in embedded System, mobile computing, Personal computers, Workstations, and game consoles. Latest Graphical Processing units are very powerful and efficient at image processing and manipulating computer graphics, and their highly multi processing structure makes them more efficient and effective than general-purpose CPUs as the processing of large blocks of data is done in parallel in Graphical processing units

Features and Benefits of Nvidia graphics driver

NVIDIA Scalable Geometry Engine:
It improves geometry performance across a broad range of CAD, DCC and medical applications, enabling you to work interactively with models and scenes that are more complex than ever before.

Fast 64-Bit Floating Point Precision:
Nvidia is the one of the fastest graphics driver that enable accurate results on mission-critical applications. It has double precision floating point performance including finite element analysis, computer aided design and computational fluid dynamics.

Large Frame buffers with Ultra-Fast Bandwidth:
Large GPU memory with fast bandwidth for display of complex models and scenes, as well as computation of large  Quadro 5010M (4 GB GDDR5), Quadro 4000M, 3000M (2 GB GDDR5), Quadro 2000M, 1000M (2 GB DDR3)

Next Generation NVIDIA CUDA Architecture:
Break through NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture, which is code named as Fermi, tightly integrates advanced visualisation and compute features delivering application performance that greatly accelerates professional workflow.

Fast 3D Texture Transfer:
Fast transfer and manipulation of 3D textures resulting in more interactive visualisation of large volumetric data sets.

  • NVIDIA Giga Thread Engine:
    One of the highlight feature of this graphics driver is it supports concurrent kernel execution, provides up to 10 times faster context switching compared to previous generation processing unit architectures and contains enhanced thread block scheduling.
  • Error Correction Codes (ECC) Memory:
    Meets strict requirements for mission critical applications with uncompromising computing accuracy and reliability. Offers protection of data in memory to enhance integrity of results.


  • Lower power Consumption.
  • GPU Accelerated PhysX (for the few games that support it, only game on your list that supports it is Borderlands 2)
  • Some of the games such as Battlefield 3 favour NVIDIA graphics card heavily.
  • Adaptive Vsync (basically turns Vsync off if you go below 60FPS to smooth out the experience better, you’ll still get tearing with it turned on, just less of it because your framerate won’t exceed 60FPS in less GPU taxing areas)
  • Higher memory bandwidth
  • Better GPU Compute performance


  • Less overclocking potential due to locked voltage control.
  • Less memory bandwidth (more of a problem for the 660Ti and below, the 670 actually does have adequate memory bandwidth for 1080p gaming)
  • Usually less Video RAM (once again not relevant right now unless doing multi-monitorgaming.)
  • Very weak GPU computing capabilities compared to AMD’s current offerings.

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Reasons for NVIDIA Installation Failed Issue

There may be several reasons behind the NVIDIA installer failed windows 10 and GEFORCE game ready driver installation failed!

  • The primary reason of NVIDIA installation failure is the incompatibility of the new PhysX and the old one, which makes the user unable to delete the latter manually
  • The other reason can be the wrong installation of Microsoft NET Framework. Although some new graphics card drivers have been inserted NET component installation module, it needs to spend long time on downloading and installing, thus leading to a deadlock in the installation interface.
  • NVIDIA installer failure is also caused by damaging the driver’s registry after failing to update new NVIDIA drivers manually, it also makes the old version unable to use.

How to Fix NVIDIA Installer failed Issue Windows 10

  • FIX – I : By killing all NVIDIA processes and removing the redundant files.

The first method for resolving this installation issue is by killing all the processes related to NVIDIA. Inorder to do this follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” to start the “Task Manager”. Select running NVIDIA software and click on “End Process”.

nvidia installer failed


Step 2: If the following files are found, remove them all.

C:\windows\system32\DRiverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file

C:\windows\system32\DRiverStore\FileRepository\nv_lh file

C:\windows\system32\DRiverStore\FileRepository\nvoclock file

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\

C:\Program Files(x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\

Step 3: Restart your computer.

  • FIX – II : By Closing All Antivirus Software

According to the industry experts, “NVIDIA Installer Failed” error can also be caused because of some antivirus software program. If you installed any antivirus software like Forticlient, Comodo antivirus, AVG Antivirus, you’d better close the software before installing a new NVIDIA graphics driver.

Step-by-Step Procedure for closing the Antivirus Software On Windows 10, are as below:

Step 1: Start “Task manger”.

Step 2: Click “Processes” tab. Find all running processes of the antiviruses software and close them all one-by-one.

Step 3: Click on process, then click “End task” to end the selected Process.

Step 4: Restart your System to make the changes take effect.

  • FIX – III : By Updating the NVIDIA Graphics Driver

sometimes, if Windows Prompts “NVIDIA installer failed” error, then the problem might be caused by incompatible NVIDIA graphics driver. Then definitely, you need to update your current driver. You could either go to NVIDIA download page to manually download the driver, or get them via convenient drivers download utility.

nvidia drivers windows 10

So this was our small attempt to walk you through the ways on how to fix NVIDIA Installer failed Issue! Write to us if the issue persists. We will be more than happy to help.

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