MSVCR110.dll is missing Windows 10 Fix

Many users complained that after updating their operating system to Windows 10 when they try to open Adobe suits programs like Photoshop, LightRoom, etc. they get an error message – “The program can’t be started because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer Windows 10, re-install the program to fix this problem.” Have you also seen this error message and don’t why this occurred on your device? And how to fix this error on your device? Here we will help you fix this error and provide every ounce of info related to this error and how to fix this error.

MSVCR110.dll Windows 10 is a part if Microsoft Visual C++ (commonly known as MSCV or VC++), where MSCV is the development environment and MSVCP.dll is the library file which is corresponding to this. The main reason for the occurrence of this error is the deletion of MSVCP.dll file, or maybe it was removed from your PC. Which leads to stop applications from working properly.

Dll file are used to process required services in Windows Operating Syetsms. If you delete them, you cannot run some specific programs on your Windows 10.

How to remove MSVCR110.dll is missing windows 10

Here are some methods which you can try to remove the msvcp110.dll is missing windows 10 error from your system.

Fix 1: By recovering the MSVCP110.DLL File from recovery bin

If found that your device didn’t have MSVCP110.DLL File, then the reason might be that you have accidentally deleted that file from your system. If you are sure that the MSVCP110.DLL File is deleted by you, then you can easily recover it from recovery bin.

Fix 2: Install MSVCP110.DLL File Manually

If you didn’t find the file in recovery bin then to solve the msvcp110.dll missing windows 10 error from your device you can manually install the file on your device. To do so follow the below process:

Step 1: At first, you need to Download the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package from this site. Choose the Download you want depending upon your system specifications.

Step 2: After downloading that file. install it on your system.

Step 3: Once the installation process gets completed, close all the tabs and restart your system.

Note: When you are downloading the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package on your system, download the file which is not affected by any viruses or malware-infection.

Fix 3: Check for Virus or malware infection on your device

Sometimes the problem msvcr110.dll missing Windows 10 can also be the result of some virus attack on your system. To fix this issue of msvcp110.dll missing Windows 10  first scan your system to find if your system have any virus or malware infections were there, to do that you don’t need to install a third-party antivirus program on your device, as it is required in an earlier version of Windows but with Windows 10 you can directly scan your device to for checking Virus.

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If you find any infected or corrupt files on your system, then repair them to fix the error in your system.

If no infected files are found then the reason for this error can be something else, to solve that try other fixes.

Fix 4: By re-installing the Application program

After download and installing the MSVCP110.DLL file on your device, if you face the msvcr110.dll is missing windows 10 error and not able to open the Adobe suit application program on your device then the problem can be in that application program. So to fix the msvcr110.dll missing windows 10 error, you should re-install the Application software from your device.

To re-install application program on your device follows the given process:

Step 1: Open control panel of your device.

Step 2: Under Programs, look for uninstall a program, and open it.

Step 3: Search for the program which you want to re-install on your device.

Step 4: After finding right click on it.

Step 5: Click on uninstall there, to uninstall the program from your device.

Step 6: It asks do you want to uninstall this program click on OK button to finish uninstalling.

Step 7: After finishing the un-installing process restart your computer.

Step 8: When your system restart look if you successfully un-installed the program or not, if not then again follow the above steps to uninstall it.

Step 9: If you have successfully uninstalled the program now, you can download the latest version of that application software on your device.

Step 10: Install the application program on your device.

After finishing the installation process on your device, restart your device. Now check the pre-installed application program, if it is working properly or not.

Fix 5: By Restoring your Device

If you have tried all the fixes and still having the msvcr110.dll missing Windows 10 error, and you want to fix msvcp110.dll missing windows 10, then, the option left for you is restoring your windows device, by performing System Restore on your device by which you let your device to roll back to that point where your PC is safe. It does not affect your personal data. But It will remove all the applications which are installed after the restore point. So it is always suggested to perform back-up on your device before performing the system restore on your device so that in case you can easily recover all your data.

Step 1: Invoke Run Command By pressing Windows key + r at a time and type rstrui.exe and click OK.

Step 2: In System properties window, go to System protection tab and click on System Restore Button.

system restore point

Step 3:  Choose Date and time when everything is working fine. Click Next, to proceed.

Now, you can notice that your system is back to the time it was before this restore point

  1. If your system protection is not enabled then you can notice the below window. Then, Just click on System Protection.

2. In system properties window, go to System protection tab, then under Protection settings click the configure button.

3. Under Restore settings, find Turn on system protection option and check that option to enable it. Always prefer 5-10% for Disk Space Usage.

After restarting your device, you will see that msvcr110.dll is missing Windows 10 error is gone, and now you can open your desired adobe suit programs on your device without any problem of msvcp110.dll missing windows 10!

Fix 6: Reinstall the windows

If you are still dealing this error, then the problem might be with missing files of your operating system or because of errors that encountered in the installation process, so to fix msvcr110.dll is missing windows 10 error you have to re-install your Windows operating system on your device.

A clean re-installation of Windows 10 operating system will remove all the files from your drive and a new fresh copy of the MSVCP110.dll file will automatically installed to your device.

Hope all the methods which we explained here will help you in fixing msvcr110.dll is missing windows 10 error on your device. If you have any problem with any methods here, write your problem in the below comment section with full description, we will look forward to helping you.

Thanks for Reading!!

MSVCR110.dll is missing Windows 10 Fix
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