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This is a piece of software that many OS X users swear by and a piece of software that Windows users can only dream of using. Developed by Apple, it provides the perfect digital audio workstation to comprehensively mix and manipulate audio files, you can check the operating system from where you can run this software. When it comes to software designed for audio editing power-users, we’d say that this DAW has it all.

However, as aforementioned, this is software isn’t actually available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. That’s where Dr. Drum comes in. We believe it provides the perfect alternative to Logic Pro X for Windows and in fact, excels in some areas that the most recent version of this awesome software lets itself down.We’re here to help Windows users. Our recommendation is Dr.Drum, the best alternative or maybe better.We are here to give you a very good method about how you can get a software like Logic Pro for Windows.

Best Logic Pro X for Windows Alternative

When it comes to audio mixing and editing, your initial perception is that you’re going to need professional studio grade equipment. However, Dr. Drum completely replaces the need to that, offering the complete audio editing package in one nice piece of software. It actually works in a pretty similar way to the aforementioned, which is no surprise considering we’ve pitched it as your best alternative to Apple’s software.At the core of what this software offers is a comprehensive range of different features that are designed to provide easy audio editing.

Logic Pro For Windows 10

The 16 track sequencer is at the heart of this and gives you complete and total control over your audio file. We’d even go as far to say that the control provided by this sequencer is greater than that of Logic Pro.What’s more, if music creation is more your thing, you’ll be pleased to find that this sequencer is coupled with a 12 pad drum machine and 4 octave keyboard. No matter what genre of music you enjoy creating, you’ll be able to do so more comfortably than ever with Dr. Drum.You’re not going to be compromising in terms of the added extras that you get with Dr. Drum either. It comes coupled with a number of sample pieces that you can take advantage of and get making music tracks straight away. At the same time, those new to Dr. Drum or even audio mixing, in general, will want to take advantage of the included tutorials here. The developers behind the software clearly understand that music editing is difficult and not everybody is an expert, which is where these extras definitely come in handy.So my best opinion about this it’s to download right now the Logic Pro for Windows version and make the beats that you always dreamed of.

Logic Pro For Windows best alternative

How does Dr. Drum compare with Logic Pro? Is this the best alternative for Logic Pro for windows?

We’ve already pitched Dr. Drum as your best option when it comes to finding an alternative for Logic Pro for windows that you can use on Windows. But how does the software compare to Apple’s?

One of the biggest comparisons that are worth making is the difference in price here. If you’ve picked up a copy of this software from Apple in the past, you’ll already be aware that it also carries Apple’s premium price tag. Coming in at $199.99, it’s a pretty expensive piece of software, especially for those just looking to have a play around with it. Thankfully, Dr. Drum comes in at a considerably cheaper price point of only $29.95. Plus, considering the fact that you’re getting more features out of Dr. Drum, it’s a complete no brainer!At the same time, Apple’s software is also incredibly complicated to get to grips with and for new users, this is especially the case.

The developers of Dr. Drum pretty clearly understand this, which is why their alternative software is easier to use for both new music mixers and veterans of the field. Plus, those aforementioned included tutorials are sure to make the process of getting started with Dr. Drum even easier.There’s a lot of comparisons that can be drawn between Dr. Drum and the software it’s designed to provide an alternative for this tool.If you’re looking for a comprehensive alternative to Apple’s software that you can use on Windows and get to grips with pretty easily, you’ll find just that in Dr. Drum. You can pick up a copy of the software right now for $29.95. We’d definitely say that it can do everything and maybe more.

I’ve bought Dr.Drum 1 year ago and I must say that this it’s the best software for producing music, I use it every day .It’s easy to use and it comes with a life time license so I don’t need to pay more money for any kind of updates or plugins. More and more people are asking me which one it’s better Logic Pro or FL Studio but my answer it’s to test both tools, you should test them for at least 2 weeks and after you can make a decision, try to get a trial or Fl Studio first.

On what operating systems works Logic Pro for PC?

So for after we made a test running this software on all operating systems for at least 1 months of intensive testing, worked on :

  • Windows XP , Vista 7, 8 and 10 ( it’s running a bit slow on Windows XP)
    Mac OS
  • Linux ( Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, and Mageia )
  • So if your system it’s running one of the OS above you are ready to go to the next step ( to download the software )

If you have any problems on Windows 7 or above you need to run the shortcut on the desktop as Administrator ( Right click on the program shortcut and click on the 4th option , Run as administrator ) and if you still have a problem then you need to contact us on the email:admin@logicproforwindows.org we try to respond under 12 hours . Most of the time the errors that you can have it’s because of you PC / Windows but you can send us an email with a screenshot of your problem and we are going to help you.

If we can’t find the problem you need to open the Open Event Viewer and send the logs because there it’s stored the problem that you have.

That’s all about his awesome software , now you can have your Logic Pro for PC without any struggle cheap and very fast, if you like what I said here don’t hesitate to leave a good comment or maybe to share with great website on your facebook profile with your friends because maybe they need a tool like this one .

Logic Pro For Windows 10 – Download
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