Windows 10: HP’s ARM-based Windows 10 Laptop Details [Leaked]

There is a lot of buzz online about the news that Microsoft is all set to release its latest range of ARM-based laptops equipped with a variety of OEMs in the coming holiday months. However, there is a rumour that Microsoft would only authorise certain laptop manufacturers to launch ARM-based laptops which include laptops from Lenovo, HP and ASUS and all the laptops would powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor.

There are also rumours about this news that the laptops would come equipped with multiple new features and one such great feature is multi-day battery life. All the laptops would come equipped with latest features to enhance the user’s experience, while maintaining the compatibility with recent library of Windows Applications.

What are the First Details of HP’s ARM-based Windows 10 Laptop

Microsoft has not only decided to launch ARM-based laptops just because of increasing the performance of battery life of laptops, instead they wanted to give the Windows on ARM another go and snatch away the dominance of chip-set style desktop by Intel. Microsoft believes that the launch of ARM-based laptops would successfully counter to this dominance and rule the laptop market in near future.

Recently, one device from HP with latest ARM has been leaked and the details of the laptop are as follow:

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor

The official website of HP has listed two such ARM-based laptops, of which the first laptop would come with the 13-inch display, 128GB Storage and 4GB of RAM. The other model of HP laptop features 8GM of RAM and 256GB of internal memory for storage. Both the laptops by HP would feature Snapdragon 835 Processor from Qualcomm.

Initially, when Microsoft tried to give a counter to Intel dominance, they failed because Windows on the ARM was not ready at that time. However, recently Microsoft has tightened their tie with Qualcomm so as to work closely in release the latest ARM-based laptops from different brands. Finally, the Snapdragon powered PCs are ready now and few models from HP has been leaked which consumers can take a look at now.

The Group Manager of Microsoft has already revealed at the beginning of the year that Windows 10 Laptops on the ARM is the best option to make your PC experience more mobile. HP is all set to launch few of these models in next few weeks, especially in the holiday months.

Windows 10: HP’s ARM-based Windows 10 Laptop Details [Leaked]
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