Format Hard Disk in Windows 10

Format Hard Disk means delete everything stored on your hard disk and clean all the Data. It is not really hard to format a hard disk in almost any edition of Windows. When the hard drive you wish to format hasn’t been used, it has to first be partitioned. The time necessary to format a hard disk in Windows depends almost completely on the drive’s size and processing power. Users may want to format partitions in Windows 10 for a variety of reasons like to perform a fresh installation of Windows system, to remove a virus or malware, to erase the information before committing the driveway to somebody else or throwing it away or several other explanations.

Here, we’ll present you the way you can format a hard disk in Windows 10 using Windows built-in disc management tool or third-party partition magic instrument. Before going to perform hard disk format process, please be certain you have successfully backed up your information such as photographs, videos, audio files and other files before Windows 10 disk format.

Format Hard Disk in Windows 10

If you just got a new hard disk, which you are likely to use on Windows 10, it is very important to format. You would like to do this to be certain that the drive is totally clean, without any malware or malicious code.

Format a Disk or Drive in Windows 10

Format a Disk or Drive in Windows 10

After you format a hard disk (e.g., HDD or SSD), you are basically deleting any info stored on the drive and then set up a file system (e.g., NTFS and FAT32) the OS knows to write and read information to the driveway. Formatting a disc in Windows is extremely simple.

You are able to format such disc by booting from a USB drive, or if reinstalling the operating system. Luckily, learning how to partition the hard disk in Windows 10 is fast and simple. Should you follow the steps below, we will take you from one drive system to one with as many digital drives as you need in only a couple of quick steps.

Format Hard Drive in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a new feature that allow users to Format Hard Disk in Windows 10.

1. Press Win + S to open Windows Search menu and then type Control Panel.

2. Click Control Panel. View by the large icon. Click on Administrative Tools.

3. Go to Computer Management > Disk Management.

4. Right-click on the drive that you want to format and then select format.

5. Select the file system > input cluster size.

6. Click OK and it’s done. You have successfully formatted a hard drive in Windows 10.

Format Hard Disk in Windows 10
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