What is TrustedInstaller.exe and Fix TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU Issue in Windows 7,8 &10

Alike all other operating systems, Windows Operating System also has many issues. Fortunately, quick fixes are available for all the Windows related issues. While using Windows like Windows 7/8/10 you may find the system has become sluggish and slow in responding to any command with hysterically hard disk activity. When you open the task manager to rectify the issues, the window shows a message saying “TrustedInstaller.exe.” It is the process using almost 100% of your CPU resource usage and also using a great amount of the RAM. This is an error may occur when you reboot your system, and this may cause the start-up to get sluggish. In worse condition, the Windows may get a freeze, unusable and hanged.

Some Windows users have reported that TrustedInstaller.exe reports using a maximum of CPU Usage and RAM from time to time and hence they are looking for permanent solution to this issue.

What is TrustedInstaller.exe Process?

TrustedInstaller.exe is the process used by the service called Windows Module Installer, and it is the service that is mainly used by Windows 7/8/10. The primary function of this process is to enable the installation, make changes to Windows Updates, removal of apps and modification of optional system components.

TrustedInstaller.exe is the service that is located at C:\Windows\Servicing\ and the prime role of this service is to set to run in manual mode and it runs under the Local System Account while having no dependencies. However, at times you may find that the TrustedInstaller.exe process has got corrupted and you may receive error windows. In such condition, you are required to run the system file checker to find out the error.

What are the Causes of TrustedInstaller.exe?

When you receive the error message TrustedInstaller.exe, then it indicates that there is a malfunction in the system operations. Some of the common causes of TrustedInstaller.exe error on your Windows 7/8/10 include:

  • Failed or incomplete installation or un-installation of software which have left behind invalid entries into the Windows Registry
  • Consequences of malware or virus attack
  • Improper system shutdown due to power failure or any other factors
  • Accidentally deleting the essential system files or registry entry

However, the immediate cause of TrustedInstaller.exe error on your Windows 7/8/10 PC is due to failure of correctly running the normal operations by the system or application components. There may be other causes indeed which can be identified by using Windows File Checker.

What are The Reasons TrustedInstaller.exe Consuming High CPU Usage in Windows 7/8/10?

TrustedInstaller.exe is the crucial process and using higher CPU resources periodically is considered normal, but not a flaw or aberration. Since it is the part of Windows Module Installer, it tends to check the new Windows Updates. In the process of update scan, the TrustedInstaller.exe works in coordination with integrated Windows Update Services so as to check the new updates for Windows. Owing to this fact, the process tends to use a lot of CPU resources.

At times, you will find that TrustedInstaller.exe is consuming a major portion of the CPU resources, even after the new updates were installed and downloaded. This is again considered normal. TrustedInstaller.exe is the process which is designed to keep checking the new updates for Windows periodically, and hence it consumes the large resource of your system’s CPU. It plays a crucial role in keeping the system up to date. But, the error TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU issue in Windows 7/8/10 can be handled easily by following the below methods.

How to Fix TrustedInstaller.exe High CPU Issue in Windows 7/8/10?

Set Automatic Updates to Full Manual

The first step is to set the Automatic Updates to full manual or at least with the option where you can choose whether or not the updates need to be installed to avoid the Windows System Slow responding due to TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU Usages. To make this changes, you are required to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Control Panel and click “System and Maintenance” and Turn Automatic Updating “ON or Off” which is available under Windows Update section.

Step 2: Under the “Choose How Windows can Install Updates” section you need to check the radio button available next to the “Never Check for Updates” or “Check for Updates But Let me Choose Whether to Download and Install Them” or “Download Updates but Let Me Choose Whether to Install Them.”

Step 3: Finally, Click “OK” and then on “Continue” or “Yes” button for UAC Prompt.

Preventing Windows Module Installer from Loading Automatically With Windows and Change its Start-up Type to Manual

  • Now you need to run the msconfig command in task manager windows and click Services.
  • Now scroll down and deselect the small box which is the Windows Module Installer.

  • Click on “Apply” and then “OK” button.
  • Finally, restart the system.

Next, you need to perform the below steps to complete the process

  • Launch the Control Panel windows on your system and click the Administrative Tools window.

  • Now click on “Services” button and in the User Account Control dialog click on “Continue.”

  • You need to scroll down to find out the “Windows Module Installer” service and right click on the services and click on “Properties.”

  • Under the “General” section you will find the drop-down menu of “Start-up Type” click on it and select “Manual.”
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • If you see that the Service status is showing “Running” then clicks on “Stop” button.
  • Finally, click “OK.”


Although there are no permanent fixes available for TrustedInstaller.exe High CPU Usage Issues, these above mentioned steps can help you manage the TrustedInstaller.exe better. Using the CPU resources by the TrustedInstaller.exe while downloading and installing updates is common, but errors with the TrustedInstaller.exe may occur while using your system which may make the system sluggish and hence you may try out these steps to fix the errors.

What is TrustedInstaller.exe and Fix TrustedInstaller.exe high CPU Issue in Windows 7,8 &10
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