How to Fix No Sound on Windows 10 – Quick Guide

Reactivate Windows Audio Service if it’s still true that you don’t have sound on your PC. Then test if you may play any sound on your PC. Ensure that the sound wasn’t unintentionally muted. If no sound is generated, the issue is likely with the driver. Confirm the sound isn’t muted. The reason for the buzzing sound could be from a selection of issues, based on what sort of microphone you’re using and how you’re employing the gadget.

If there is it on the headphones, then you probably have a speaker problem, and you will need to send the computer off for repair. From that point, you are going to be able to select which drivers you wish to install. In the instance of the drivers aren’t installed it means you should go and download the drivers or have the Operating System try to come across the drivers for you. Your sound driver should be shown. Sound drivers may get damaged or go missing for several reasons, including being corrupted by software. Examine the status of your sound driver if it’s still installed.

Fix No Sound on Windows 10

To start with, check on the device manager in the event the drivers are installed. If it doesn’t, or whether or not it says it is working properly and it actually does not, you must uninstall your current driver and put in a new on or complete a System Restore. Uninstall the present sound driver if it’s still true that you have it installed.

To fix the matter, you will need to locate and remove the problematic update. The problem is usually due to outdated driver and it is easily fixed. In fact, it is more common on certain laptops than on desktop PCs. After doing that, it should be resolved.

Method 1: Check speaker settings in Windows

1) Right-click the sound button located at the bottom right corner and then select Playback devices. You can also open Playback devices from control panel > search playback devices.

2) Make sure, there is a green tick on Speakers. This indicates your current speakers are the default playback device.

If not then make them default. Just click on speakers and then click Set Default > OK.

3) Go to the Advanced > select a different sample rate and bit depth > Test. Repeat this process until you find a format that works and its done.

Method 2: Uninstall Audio driver

If you are using an Audio Driver then first remove it and then install latest drivers.

Open Run and type device manager. This will open Device manager window and then expand Sound, video and game controllers > right click and then Uninstall.

Restart your computer.

Now download and install the latest Audio drivers from the official website. You can use some automatic driver update tool to update drivers.

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How to Fix No Sound on Windows 10 – Quick Guide
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