4 Best Ways to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 then you have faced DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION blue screen of death Error while working with some important projects. Among all the Blue Screen of Death Errors, DPC Watchdog Violation error is irritating and frustrating. After installing window 10, users have reported this issue on Microsoft forum. Here in this article, we are going to share how to fix If you are facing DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION blue screen of death error then don’t worry, you are not alone.DPC is called Deferred Procedure Call, and it is very important to service in Windows 10. The blue screen error code suggests that watchdog finds a DPC running too long. It will corrupt data or damage your PC.

DPC Watchdog Violation errors were quite common when Windows 10 was first introduced. If you’re using Windows computer, particularly Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10, then you might be familiar with the DPC Watchdog Violation mistake since it was becoming one of the most frequent mistakes in the Windows platform.

Ways to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation  Windows 10

If this error is happening on your Windows computer, you aren’t alone because I’ve received many reports from users that faced this issue before. What exactly the DPC Watchdog Violation error is and how to fix this annoying issue?

DPC Watchdog Violation

What’s DPC Watchdog Violation Error?

DPC Watchdog Violation is a frequent problem in the Windows operating system and there are many reason for this error including old SSD driver version, hardware incompatibility problems, or system files are corrupt.

The Way to Repair DPC Watchdog Violation Error?

As I mentioned previously, I have received many questions from Windows 10 users that faced this issue before. So, I’ve made this article with useful procedures and guides. When this problem keeps occurring, and that you’re tired of celebrating the incidence of thing ever again, here are a couple of solutions that you got to get a go. Here in this report, we’re going to share some very best and simple techniques to fix DPC Watchdog Violation error in Windows 10. If this DPC Watchdog Violation Win 10 mistake is occurring on your Windows computer, you are not alone experienced this issue before. It was because of compatibility issue with certain smartphones.

Knowing what the issue is and what causes this isn’t essential when we’re only interested in fixing it. You don’t need to reinstall Windows OS or remove softwares.

Method 1: Update chipset driver

  • Press Win + X > click Device Manager > Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

  • Right-click on SATA ACHI controller > click Properties.

  • Click Update Driver > Click Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Click Let me pick > Click Standard SATA AHCI Controller > Next.

  • Follow on screen instructions and then Restart your computer.

Method 2: Update available drivers

Old and outdated drivers are the main reason for DPC Watchdog Violation. So, first of all, confirm that you are using updated drivers for all the hardware devices. Go to the manufacturer website and download the latest version of a driver. This is a time consuming process. But there is one tool to do the process. The tool will automatically find and update all drivers.

1) Download and install Driver Easy.
2) Run Driver Easy and scan for all drivers updates.

Method 3: Turn off fast startup

  • Go to Control Panel and select View by Large icons, click Power Options.

  • Click Choose what the power button does > Change settings > Un-tick Turn on fast startup > Save changes.

Method 4: Perform a disk check

  • Open cmd as administrator > Type chkdsk /f /r and press Enter.

  • Enter Y and wait. Till the process completed.
  • You will be notified once done.

Many major Windows issues that you encounter can result from a corrupt registry. To repair this, an individual could scan and correct the systems files. While this error is the most frequent in Windows 8. It can be caused by other drivers as well. The majority of these errors constantly show up on the computer screen and do not arrive with any troubleshooting help without reading them over the world wide web or locating a computer expert who might fix them.

Restart your PC to see whether the issue is solved. If you’re still experiencing the issue, then please comment below, and I will try my very best to help you. The issue in your hardware components creates such issue that should be fixed. In some cases, it can be a hardware incompatibility or even a virus infection. In some instances, this problem comes along with different BSODs, and all of them have a frequent cause. Hopefully, these steps will be of assistance to resolve this blue screen issue.

You will simply need to wait till they release an updated version of this driver that works with Windows 10. The firmware is a set of instructions that are usually installed internally. The more recent the firmware, the more probable it is to take care of something new.

All these operating techniques follow certain protocols for running in a safe way. Scanning your system for malware and viruses is something which you ought to do on a normal basis, whether you’ve got an identifiable error or not. Hardware incompatibility is something to take into consideration also. It is something that you should take into consideration when battling with this BSOD error. DPC Watchdog Violation is a typical Blue Screen error which often occurs in Windows OS. This system is just one of the most prosperous procedures to solve DPC watchdog violation. Within this way, you may fix dpc watchdog violation.

Thanks for reading our guide on How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation in Windows 10. Comment below for any questions.

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