Fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page on Windows 10

The occurrence of Blue screen of death error on your Windows 10 device will disrupt your work. There are many errors because of which this blue screen appears. Among all these errors the faulty hardware corrupted page is also there.So, if you are also having these kinds of error on your device and need some methods by using which you can fix this error, then you are at the right place. Here we are showing you some easy fixes by using which you can easily fix this error. To know that keep Reading.

faulty hardware corrupted page

How to fix faulty hardware corrupted page

Here are some fixes try them to solve the issue:

Fix 1: By Re-installing drivers

Recently you have installed a driver on your device, after installing that driver on your device your system start facing some issues, like your screen freezes for sometimes and after that, it comes with a message and blue screen. To fix FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE (Blue Screen Error) on your device what you need to do is the reinstallation of that problematic driver, to do that follow the given steps:

Step1. Open power user menu of your device.

Step2. From that list select Device Manager Option.

you will see a list of all installed drivers on your device.

Step4. From that list select the driver which is creating the problem and have to reinstall.

Step5. After locating the driver, right click on the name of the driver.

Step6. From there select Uninstall option.

Step7. Click on Ok button to continue the uninstallation process.

faulty hardware corrupted page error (Blue screen error).

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Fix 2: By checking the Hardware component of your device

Most of the times the real culprit behind the faulty hardware corrupted page in your system is your device’s hardware component if you have also recently installed a new hardware component on your device, and now facing this critical issue then this new hardware can be the reason for this error. You need to check if the new hardware is compatible with your device or not. In the checking process set Ram of your device on 1st priority because usually this error is caused by Ram

Fix 3: By Disabling Fast Start-up on your device

The another reason why this error keeps coming to your device can be the fast start-up option, so for faulty hardware corrupted page Windows 10 Fix for your device you have to disable the fast start-up option your device. TO disable the fast start-up option on your device follows the given steps:

Step1. Open control panel on your device.

Step2. From there select the Power options.

Step3. After opening it Choose What the Power button does from the left side of the pane.

Step4. Now you will see an option “Change settings that are currently Unavailable,” select that option.

Step5. Now you have to uncheck the check box for “Turn on fast start-up (recommended),” you can locate this option by a little bit scrolling down.

Now restart your device and check for the error, if it is gone or not.

Fix 4: By resetting your Windows 10

find the application which is creating the issue on your device, so to fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page on Windows 10 you have to reset your Windows 10 device, but one thing remembers before resetting your device always take the full back-up of your device especially of all the important files and data.

For resetting your device follow the given steps:

Step1. Open the setting app on your device.

Step2. From settings select Update & Security option.

Step3. Now click on Recovery option.

Step4. Now you will see Get Started option Under Reset this PC option, click on the Get started option.

Step6.  After selecting any option, the system will show a warning message and ask if you want to continue or not. Click on Next button to continue resetting your device.

Step7. Click on the Reset button.

After clicking on the reset button wait for some time, now Windows will automatically restart.

Step8. As your device will restart click on Continue button when it is prompted on your screen.

Now you will see that the faulty hardware corrupted page error is gone, by resetting your device many problems which are similar to this can be easily removed.

Fix: 5 Update all the drivers on your device

compatible with your device, or it is outdated. So, to Fix Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page on Windows 10 on your device you need to update all the drivers which you are using. It is always suggested to use the latest version of the driver on your device not only that you can fix bugs by doing that, but also you can enjoy all the latest features of that driver.

If updating drivers also didn’t help you out so maybe the reason is the BIOS of your device is not compatible with your device. This can be the reason for the occurrence of faulty hardware corrupted page on your device. So you need to Downgrade the BIOS of your system. As the BIOS can cause the problem to the motherboard

These are some fixes, by using which you can easily fix the faulty hardware corrupted page on your Windows 10 device. All the above-explained methods helped many users, and we hope they work for you too. If still having the issue then the problem write to us in below comment section, will try to solve your problem J

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