Add Dropbox and Google Drive as Microsoft Office online Save locations

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular and widely used document editing software for Windows and Mac. Microsoft Office 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft Office, and it comes with an advanced tool that also includes Cloud storage service by default. But when you save your documents, they saved in your Local storage. So how to change or add Google Drive and Dropbox to your Save location in Office 2016. So many people are using Google Drive and Dropbox to store their Documents online to access it from anywhere and anytime.

Microsoft Office is designed to operate with OneDrive, saving files to Microsoft’s cloud support by default if you are signed into Office with your Microsoft account. But if you want to connect Google Drive or Dropbox then you can link it to this simple guide.

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Add Google Drive and Dropbox as Save Locations in Office 2016

Connecting Dropbox with Office Online is simple. MS Office 2016 will remember recent places that you saved a document to. If you are on Windows 10, and you have not removed OneDrive, then it shows up among the save places in MS Office. Here is how you can add Dropbox and Google Drive into MS Office 2016 Save locations.

Step 1: First of all open any Microsoft Office App like Microsoft word and sign in into your Microsoft Account.

Step 2: Enter ID and password and click on Login.

Step 3: Run the script from a console and Enter the path to your Dropbox- and/or Google Drive folder. In case if you don’t know the path, the application will do it for you.

Step 4: Click on Apply > restart Office and its done.

Install Dropbox As A Save Location

To set Dropbox for save location in Office 2016, you will need a Dropbox App installed on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. Once downloaded and installed, sign in into your Dropbox account and then Pick a place for Dropbox folder.

Open preferences from the System > General > search for the Microsoft Office add-on section > Enable the ‘Display Dropbox as a save place in Microsoft Office’ > restart MS Office apps and its done.

Storing your documents in the cloud has many advantages and it is connected to the world wide web, and the cloud may also provide backup for files so that they’ll never disappear if your phone gets lost or your computer crashes.

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Add Dropbox and Google Drive as Microsoft Office online Save locations
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