Driver Updater Tools For Windows Computers

Device drivers are essential software that allows users to interact with the operating system. These files are used to send or receive data between hardware and OS. For every hardware peripheral, there is a specific driver software dedicated to its communication with the operating system.

Whenever OS like Windows has an update, the drivers are installed along with it. Windows possess an extensive library of device drivers that serve significant purposes.

But sometimes, when such driver files are not updated, it leads to several unexpected issues in the computer system. Therefore, in this blog today, we will explain some device driver updater tools for Windows.

What are device drivers?

Device drivers are a piece of software that helps hardware equipment interact with the operating system. A driver communicates with OS via a computer bus or communication subsystem. When a calling program invokes a routine, it issues commands to the device.

Why are Drivers essential?

Drivers are one of the essential software programs because they provide a software interface for both hardware and OS to communicate with each other. It acts as a medium between hardware peripherals like printer and OS of a computer system.

Although when an operating system is updated, device drivers also get updated. But sometimes we ignore OS update, which in turn leads to outdated device drivers.

When the drivers are not updated, it may cause several unexpected errors in the system. An outdated driver could find itself unable to set up the right communication between its hardware and OS.

Methods To Download Or Update New Drivers

You can update the device drivers in the following two manners. Let’s have a look.

1. Manual

Users can manually update device drivers by downloading a specific driver via its official website. It is a challenging task to do so. Only tech-savvy can do it in the right manner. So it is highly recommended to update the drivers by the second method.

2. Automatic

Drivers can be updated automatically with the help of third-party tools like Driver Updater Tools. Such tools make it easier for you to scan the entire system for problematic drivers and update them.

Free driver updater for Windows 10

The list of best free driver updater for Windows 10 in 2020 is as follows:

#1. Driverpack Solution

Driverpack Solution

Driverpack Solution program supports bulk download and automated installs. You can either choose to download and install all the drivers at once or one driver at a time. It has a user interface that is easy to use than other tools in this list.


  • It allows you to download drivers even when you are offline.
  • In this tool, downloads are easy and quick.
  • You can download the driver without the need for any user input.
  • But it doesn’t allow scheduled scans.

#2. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is one of the best free driver updater tools for Windows. It is compatible with Windows 10, 7, and 8. This tool automatically scans for outdated drivers. It creates a restore point before driver installation to ensure safety and security.


  • It allows driver installation within the program.
  • It can scan for drivers on a schedule as well.
  • There is no limit on the driver installs and downloads.
  • It also creates a restore point for updating the drivers.

#3. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is one of our favorite drivers, updater tools for Windows in 2020. We have always recommended this tool due to its versatile features. You can easily update drivers with just one single click.


  • It has a search feature, which is very helpful in searching for the desired drivers.
  • Driver Easy has a vast database of drivers.
  • Direct download drivers
  • You can also backup and restore drivers.

#4. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is the most popular free driver updater tool, which is easy to use. It allows you to download drivers without any internet connection. It neither limits downloads nor displays advertisements.


  • This free tool works both with 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  • It is not needed to install it to use. You can use an external hard drive for the same.
  • There is no limit to the driver downloads and installation.
  • You can download the bulk of drivers at once.

#5. Coachman Max

Driver Max

Driver Max is an outstanding free driver updater tool for Windows. This tool can also be pre-set to execute scheduled scans. It’s free version possess some amazing features than other tools in this list.


  • Compatible with the latest Windows 10.
  • Scheduled scans.
  • List all the drivers with issues and without issues.
  • Backup system drivers.

#6. ITL Driver Updater

ITL Driver Updater

ITL Driver Updater can detect all the broken and old drivers. This driver update tool finds all the latest drivers to ensure system optimization. Let’s have a peek at its features.


  • It offers both free and Pro versions with related specific features.
  •  It improves the startup time by updating the drivers.
  • This tool enhances system performance.
  • One-click update and scheduled scans.

#7. AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater is another free driver updater software, that automatically assesses your hardware profile and presents the most compatible drivers. It is also best for updating outdated drivers.


  • You can get the latest device drivers for Windows via this tool.
  • It has a classic interface and possesses a massive database of drivers.
  • It quickly cures all common PC problems for you as well.
  • This tool backups the drivers and scan system in real-time.

#8. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is extremely easy to use and a free driver updater tool for Windows. This driver updater allows users to download multiple drivers for different systems. Let’s have a look at its features.


  • It lets you update the drivers without even installing the tool.
  • This all in one driver updater tool enables numerous themes, multiple language options, and much more.
  • All you need is flash drives to update the drivers.
  • It doesn’t display advertisements to ensure a seamless experience.

#9. Avast Driver Updater

Avast Driver Updater

Avast Driver Updater is fast to set up and easy to use driver updater tool. It is free from malware and bloatware.


  • It can completely scan your PC with just one click.
  • Restore your system
  • This tool has many advanced features needed to enhance the user experience.

#10. Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout provides accurate automatic driver updates. It will scan the entire system, download the updates, and install them automatically. Let’s have a look at its features.


  • It can configure to update drivers.
  • This tool also supports scheduled outdated driver scans.
  • You can download multiple drivers in bulk via this tool.
  • It backups all of your drivers.

Why use driver updater tools?

It is convenient to use a third-party tool like driver updater to update the device drivers. Such tools help you download and correctly install drivers. It ensures all the outdated drivers are updated, and it can also fix broken or corrupted drivers.


We have carefully curated the best driver updater tools for Windows in 2020. These tools will help you efficiently update drivers. These tools have some advanced features that can help you get some benefits as well.

All of these are tools in the list above are useful, easy to use, efficient, and versatile. The scheduled scan features are one of the best features it posseses, among others.

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