How To Delete Outlook Account

Outlook is one of the most popular email service managed by Microsoft just like Microsoft has updated its new webmail service called designed for another billion mailboxes. The new update looks modern and includes almost unlimited email storage space. It allows you to connect Facebook and Twitter account with Outlook. Look at this quick guide on how to delete outlook Account on Windows 10.

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Majority of users are happy with this new update, but some users are enjoying the new service. Users are searching for how to Close and delete account. So today we are going to share step by step guide on how to delete outlook account and delete all personal information. Earlier, Microsoft had Hotmail as their official email platform. But a few years back, they merged all of the services and created the email solution.

Before deleting your Outlook account, make sure that you have backed up your all data and emails. Within 60 Days, you can recover your account from deletion and get your data, but after 60 Days, you cannot alter it.

delete outlook account

In this guide, I’m dealing with the same topic here. Microsoft does not delete the accounts immediately but keeps it in their server. After 60 days, they will close your account completely and delete all your data. So, are you certain you wish to shut your account? Listed below are the steps that you should go through.

Also, note that you’re all profile information related to your Outlook account will be deleted. So you can not use Outlook account with other services like Microsoft Store and Xbox Live Account.

In case you’ve used the account which you need to close as an ID with any other sites or services, we recommend you sign into those sites and services and delete your info first.

How To Delete Outlook Account

Sign into your Outlook account > click on the gear icon says settings.

Then Select More mail settings. Now you can see some options including,

  • Managing your account
  • Writing email
  • Preventing junk email
  • Customizing Outlook

Now Select Managing your account’ and you will see ‘Account Summary’ and ‘Password and Security info’.

  • Scroll down, find the ‘Close account’option and click on it.

  • Before you close your account, Outlook will request you to check ‘privacy and cookies’. Then verify your account to close.

Then deactivate your Hotmail account and after that, your account will be closed. Microsoft will store your data for around 270 Days. In this period of time, you can get your account back.

Thanks for reading this article. For Any questions, comment below.

How To Delete Outlook Account
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