5 Ways to Do Screen Mirroring to Connect TV to Android Phone

The world of smartphones has taken a huge turn since Android was introduced. Almost half of the population in the world are using an Android running device. Not only in the world of smartphones even tablets, televisions, computers and other such gadgets are coming loaded with Android operating system. The reason behind it is huge accessibility followed by easy to use. Even if you are planning to connect your android device to others devices it gets easy. The system is so simple that all can easily use it.

Say, you want to connect your Smartphone to Smart TV. This way you can watch or play all the multimedia files you have in Smartphone on a bigger screen. The task is to do screen mirroring to connect Android TV to Android phones. Well, the process is very easy and works quite smoothly. Now let’s check out the steps.

Connect TV to Android Phone

Ways to do Screen Mirroring to Connect tv to Android Phones

Now let’s check the steps to do screen mirroring to connect tv to Android Phones. Here we will mention out five ways to connect tv to android phones.

  • HDMI-

    This is the easiest and fastest way to connect your android device to your TV. But the problem is that this system works only with new generation television. If you have a CRT television then this system won’t work out as CRT TV does not have an HDMI port. Make sure you install and insert the port correctly to get the android feel and connectivity on your device.

  • MHL or the Slim Port

    This is same as that of the HDMI connectivity feature. There are millions of people using this system to connect your phones. The system is fast and easy to handle and it works efficiently. Make sure your smartphone supports the system and the cable or else the connectivity feature will be over.

  • Wireless Connectivity

    With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your TV to your Android system. The system is easy and hassle-free and you do not need to go for any wire with this system. But make sure your device has a Bluetooth system for connectivity.

  • WIFI Connectivity

    This is another connectivity system which is wire free. To use this system make sure the Tv with which you are connecting with should have a WIFI connectivity feature. The system is fast and easy and gets connected to your TV system easily. But unfortunately, WIFI system comes with premium televisions only.

  • With USB Portal

    Yes with the help of USB system you can connect your android smartphones with your TV. The system is easy and even the base prices model TV get this feature. To do that you have to simply connect your USB to your smartphone and enjoy the rest.

These were the top five steps to do screen mirroring to connect tv to android phone. Make sure you implement those steps properly to get the best of the result. There are thousands who use this steps to get your device connected to the TV. But make sure your TV should be of that standard.

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5 Ways to Do Screen Mirroring to Connect TV to Android Phone
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