How to Do a Clean install of windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide?

If you are running Windows 7 or 8 and want to upgrade it to new Windows 10, then the best way is to perform a clean installation of Windows 10 on your existing Windows PC. By clean installation of Windows 10 you can fix any kind of performance issues. It will remove the errors, malwares, viruses and fix all the system corruptions.

Note: Before moving for clean installation, create backup of all the files and data on your system. You may either create backup on your personal external drives or you may transfer the files to OneDrive or cloud storage.

What are the System Requirements?   

  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 2GB for 64-bit and 1GB for 32-bit
  • Hard Disk: Above 20GB for 64-bit and 16GB for 32-bit

How to Do Clean Installation of Windows 10 for PCs Already Running Windows 10

  1. Open Settings from Start menu.
  2. Choose “Update and Security”.
  3. Go to“Recovery” and then click on “Get Started” under Reset This PC.
  4. Then Click on “Remove Everything” option.
    Reset this PC
  5. To start the process you have to wait for couple of minutes.Getting things ready
  6. Now, select remove my files. (Since Second option requires plenty of time, choose first option)Just remove my files
  7. Click on the Reset Button in the reset this PC window.Ready to reset this PC
  8. By doing So, Windows will be installed Automatically.Installing windows
  9. After that answer the following questions shown in the figure.faulty_hardware_corrupted_page
  10. Click on the terms and conditions button to accept the license agreement.accept terms and conditions
  11. Then Click on the Option “Use Express Settings”.Use express settings
  12. After that, Windows detects for any updates available.Checking for updates
  13. You will be asked “Who owns this PC” then Choose “I Own it”.fix windows stopcode errors
  14. Now, Enter username and password and sign in to the system.Microsoft account sign in
  15. Select “Skip this step”.faulty error corrupted page
  16. Now, Click Next to start windows.Resetting this PC

How to do Clean Installation of Windows 10 on PC with Windows 7 & 8

  1. Visit the Windows 10 Download Page and download the tool to get the latest media creation tool
  2. Now run the download tool and select the “Create Installation Media for Another PC” and click “Next”
  3. Choose Language, Edition and Architecture for your Windows 10 and click “Next”
  4. Now you need to choose the option USB Flash Drive
  5. After that click the option insert the flash drive into the USB port of your system and click “Next”. The Drive will start downloading the selected tool of Windows 10.
  6. Now again insert the installation media flash drive into USB port of the system. Launch the Explorer and double click on Setup file.
  7. Agree the Terms and Conditions and you will get “Ready to Install” Dialog and click on Change What to Keep.
  8. When you Choose “Nothing” the installation will start and finally click “Next”.
How to Do a Clean install of windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide?
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