IP Address, Username and Password default IP address for public wireless broadband routers and broadband modems. is a private IP address, among a block of addresses reserved for private networks. Though the router itself gets the private IP of all, it illuminates any smartphone in its system a distinct, personal IP address. Each of IP addresses on a network needs to have an exceptional address within that community to prevent IP address conflicts. There is some other IP address like and to access Router.

Entering (not www. into a web browser address offers access to a router’s console, where you are able to change the router’s IP address to configure it.

Which Wireless Routers use IP Address?

Here is a list of some wireless Routers which use IP address

  • 3Com Routers
  • Westell DSL Modems
  • Billion Routers
  • Linksys Routers
  • TP-Link Modems Default Username and Password

  • Username: admin/root
  • Password: admin

For either personal usage, such as parental control, or company regulations, like blocking shopping websites during business hours, you may want to block certain IP addresses as a way to closely manage Internet access via your router. You might take note of administrative IP addresses that are related to your internet router. To be able to resolve the problem of shortage of IP to be used on the web, these IP addresses were devised. It usually means that if you send out anything, your address is connected to the file. This address may also be looked at from the administrative console. This IP address is used as a default IP address for a huge number of routers like cable modems and ADSL. It’s a private IP address and if it’s also a portion of the DHCP router’s address range, this shouldn’t be assigned statically to a neighbourhood device so as to prevent conflicts.

Now and you attempt to log in, it is going to ask you to sign in the network first. With the assistance of this option, it is easy to deny anyone seeking to get connected to your network without your permission. It is the principal portion of your network. With the key on the base of the router, your network lacks security, but you have the choice of preparing your own network password.

How to Access Router IP Address?

1. Connect Router and your PC with an ethernet cable. Make sure that Ethernet cable is working.

2. Once connected, open browser and then type or or www. in the URL bar and then press Enter.

3. It will ask you a Username and Password.

Enter the default Username and Password listed above.

It’s true, you can alter the default IP to any other necessary address. It is possible to also get in touch with your ISP. In the event the ISP was involved, persistence might be required until a technician is found with the knowledge or customer care to correct the matter.

Well, even though it already appears complicated, believe us, logging in to your router is quite straightforward and easy and you’ll observe that in a moment. In this sort of model router, you are going to be in a position to access your router by using a default IP address If you don’t understand what it is, just follow the actions given below to locate your router’s IP easily. Just about all the routers require login credentials in order to access the internet control panel.

If you don’t know your user id and password, or perhaps you didn’t get the login prompt whatsoever, just stay put. Sometimes if you don’t remember your username and password, you have to try out a few of these combinations. Now, you’ve got to go into the username and password. Now when you’re in a position to log in to your router visit a section of an administrative interface where you are able to change your router password. Users also get assistance from the firm by phone should they want, during the practice.

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